• What is Home Staging?
  • What are the statistics?
  • Why stage my home?

Home Staging is NOT decorating. It is the presentation of your home so that others can see themselves living there. If you can’t get a buyer to walk into a room, they can’t mentally move themselves into that space. Staging helps to draw them into a space so that they can envision themselves living there.

Home Staging is a process of de-cluttering and de-personalizing. From the inside to the outside, we work with you as a team to see your space from the buyer’s perspective. Have you ever stood across the street and really looked at your house? I can guarantee that a prospective buyer has.

Let our team help you to place your home in the spotlight.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS can make or break a home sale. Home Staging is an investment that will help you to earn top dollar in the shortest amount of time and usually for less than the cost of your first price reduction.

On the average, 94% of staged homes are sold within the first 29 days on the market versus anywhere from 145 days to over a year and spending 83% less time on the market according to Stagedhomes.com™.

• Your house sells quicker and for top dollar.

• Your house will have less days on the market.

• Your house will appeal to a broader range of buyers.

• Staged homes look better than other homes.

• Staged homes look better online and in person.

• Staging allows buyers to mentally move-in and envision themselves living there.

• Staging helps to begin the moving process by packing away unnecessary items.

• Real estate agents are more likely to show a staged home.

Beige is an option but not a total solution to selling your home. Home Staging will give your space the competitive edge in this market. Buying a home is an emotional experience. The furnishings, lighting, art, and accessories tell a story to your buyer. Therefore, targeting the demographic through your choices is important to dial them into your space.

The ideas of “target staging” and “lifestyle merchandising” are concepts that I have learned in advance staging training with Matthew Finlason of HGTV’s The Stagers In addition to the training from Barb Schwarz who coined the term “home staging” back in 1972.